Top tips for creating a stylish and functional pantry

Pantries were essential features in Victorian homes, providing valuable space to store non-perishable food. In recent years, the good old pantry has been making something of a comeback. A Houzz survey found that 30% of UK homeowners are opting for pantry cupboards in their kitchens, while one in ten, blessed with ample space, are installing walk-in pantries.

But a pantry isn’t just a practical solution for storing food. It also serves as a stylish solution to conceal kitchen clutter, and its design appeal is unquestionable, evidenced by the myriad of #pantrygoals posts on Instagram.

If you’re considering adding a pantry to your kitchen, here are some top tips.

Assess which type of pantry your kitchen can accommodate

Arguably the most desirable of pantry types is the walk-in pantry, providing ample space to store the essentials. If your kitchen does not have the room to accommodate a walk-in pantry, a pantry cupboard is a viable alternative. Repurposing underutilised spaces like a broom cupboard or an alcove might be an option. Adjusting kitchen walls to make room for a pantry is another strategy, without necessarily opting for an open-plan kitchen.

Pantry shelving

Ideally, walk-in pantries should have a U-shaped layout for optimal access and visibility.  Opt for open shelving in walk-ins for easy access and consider door-mounted spice racks in cupboard pantries to maximise space. Measure items beforehand to tailor shelving to your needs.

Make your pantry fit for the 21st century

They might be a feature of a bygone era but that doesn’t mean to say a pantry can’t be modernised for the contemporary age. Incorporate motion-sensor lighting for convenience and energy savings in a pantry. Ensure your pantry remains cool and dry possibly by using a dehumidifier. Install electrical outlets to accommodate for appliances.

Paint your pantry

A simple trick to enhance your pantry’s appearance is to give it a splash of colour. If your pantry has limited daylight, opt for a light shade to create a brighter space. Adding colour to a select cabinets can significantly brighten your pantry, especially if the rest of the space is kept white.

Update the flooring

Make a stylish statement in your pantry by updating the flooring. Consider elegant hardwood for a sleek look, or add character with vibrant, patterned tiles.

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