Wall panelling ideas to update interior spaces

Got uneven walls in the living room? Dreary, uninspiring walls in the dining room? Require greater insulation in the bedroom? Wall panelling could be just the ticket. This increasingly fashionable interior design feature is the perfect way to add style, character, insulation and even function to a home without committing to costly and time-consuming renovation work.

Check out the following five ideas for wall panelling to conceal a myriad of design glitches and bring a living space to life.

Framing artwork with wall panelling

Show off your artwork to the maximum by positioning it on wall panelling. You can really go to town with the colour and design of the wall panelling, making it either contrast or comply with the tone and design of the artwork, depending on which look you are after.

Extend the panelling onto the ceiling

Wall panelling does not need to be confined to walls. On the contrary, it can look super stylish when extended onto the ceiling. Make a statement feature in a bedroom by fitting rustic planks of wood on the wall behind the bed and above it on the ceiling. A real cosy and canopy style look that will standout in any style of bedroom.

Combine textures

From bare brick to create a trendy industrial feel, to chunky wooden planks for a more rustic country style – wall panelling comes in a variety of materials and textures. Why not combine them to create a real eye-catching feature in a room? Lay wood adjacent to bricks for an ultra-fashionable New York loft style look that is guaranteed to spark conversation and admiration among all who visit your home.

Turn wall panelling into shelving

Why not give your wall panelling a function? The savviest of interior designers are using wall panelling as shelving. In kitchens, for example, shelved wall panelling can be the perfect place to house items that need to be accessed quickly and easily, such as mugs, bowls, herbs and spices, and more. Paint the wall panelling the same colour as kitchen tops and surfaces, for a seamless and super trendy look.

Frame the panelling with a dado rail
Dado rails never seem to go out of fashion, with good reason. These stylish additions bring detail and sophistication to any room and are the perfect way to frame wall panelling. Paint the remaining walls or even ceiling in the same colour as the dado rail for a truly on-trend look in any room.

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