How to bring character to a downstairs toilet

Downstairs toilets are incredibly useful, but don’t always look too appealing. Typically small and devoid of space, loos located downstairs are often difficult to decorate. Fortunately, there are ways to make this useful but often lacking in character room more welcoming. Here’s how.

Add a radiator or heated towel rail

Downstairs toilets tend to be cold, which does little to encourage people to use them. Installing a radiator or heated towel rail will make the room warmer and more inviting. Coming in diverse designs and colours, a radiator or heated towel rail can also make a stylish addition to a downstairs bathroom.

Bring out the scented candles

One common complaint about downstairs toilets can be centred on the smell. Such an issue can be rectified with ease by placing a diffuser or scented candle on display. Flickering candles will also bring a cosy glow to the space.


One of the easiest ways to create an impact in a downstairs bathroom is to cover one, two or even all the walls in wallpaper. Go dramatic and bold with large prints and eye-catching colours, to bring some wow factor into a bathroom located downstairs.

Be bold with colour

Painting a downstair toilet in a bright, bold colour will help bring visual depth to the space, and make it appear more welcoming. As downstair toilets are often devoid of windows and natural daylight, opt for a warmer, lighter tone to brighten the space up.

Install wall panelling

Wall panelling can be a great design option in a downstairs toilet. Marry the panelling with the panelling located outside of the toilet, which is usually in a hallway, to create a sense of continuity between the two living spaces. Being easy to paint, wall panelling is a good option if you like to regularly update your interiors to match the mood of a season.

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