Interior design in 2023 to see a ‘70s revival!

Interior design this year is looking back to the much-loved 1970s, and the bolder, brighter, and bigger, the better.

With seventies décor trending, we take a look at how to replicate this much-loved and highly distinctive design style.

Mix and match

When it comes to seventies’ décor, anything goes, and the more eclectic, the better. Blend several different finishes and colours with various patterns to create a zany and personalised style that resonates the distinct taste of 1970s’ décor.

Seventies’ flooring

From black and white tiles in a retro bathroom, to a brightly coloured carpet in the family room adorned with an iconic shaggy rug, utilise your flooring so it is reminiscent of this much-loved design era.

Make lighting retro

Opt for lighting that creates an impact and takes you back four decades. Think bold geometric silhouettes, glossy finishes and lampshades in domed mushroom shapes, for a stylish retro look that exudes personality and nostalgia.

Don’t scrimp on wicker and rattan furniture

Boasting a weaving technique that dates to ancient times, wicker and rattan furniture was a big style trend in the 1970s. This laidback, nostalgic look is gaining prominence today and stylish wicker and rattan pieces are in high demand.

Bring out the warmth

Bright and warm colours like burnt orange, mustard browns, and letterbox red, were key tones of the seventies. Couple these vivid tones with ripe avocados and sunshine yellows, and you’ll craft a 70s’-inpsired décor that feels fresh, warm, and invigorating.


To really put the finishing touches to this interior design revival, accessorise your home with vintage fittings and decorations. Hang abstract paintings on the wall in the living room, a 70s’ mug collection in the kitchen, and a position some chenille-fabric pillows on the settee, to complete your seventies interior design rebirth.

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