Why texture is as important as colour in the home

It’s the colour scheme that makes or breaks a room, isn’t it? Wrong! While the choice of colour is of course important in crafting a particular style, mood and theme in any living space, texture is equally as valuable. In fact, one should not be with the other.

Texture works in a similar way as colour. A general rule of thumb is that smooth textures create a sleeker tone in a room, whilst rough textures help a living space feel cosier and more intimate.

The choice of where you place certain textures should also be carefully considered. Take a look at the following tips on how to make the most of textures in any living space.

Mixing it up

Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture to be bold and creative. Different elements work well together and can result in a bold, playful and dramatic look. For example, mohair silk works well with velvet and will go a long way in crafting an eye-catching interior that will ensure the space stands out, feels homely and oozes style and sophistication.

Retain practicality

Fabrics can make an interior scream opulence and flamboyance, but they should maintain a practical purpose, otherwise the use of fabric can be risk looking superficial. The use of colourful and heavily patterned cloth in the right place can achieve the right balance of practicality and luxuriousness. Cloth like throws, blankets, and slipcovers can be stylish yet practical additions to bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and spare rooms.

Conceal imperfections with the use of texture

Textures can also be a fabulous way to conceal imperfections in living spaces. For example, if your walls are less than perfect, be creative and cover the imperfections up by positioning textures like woven fabric on the walls.

The best part about texture is that it gives us the opportunity to really think outside the box and use our creativity to make truly original, striking interiors that reflect our personalities while having a practical edge.

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