Why green bedrooms are trending, and how to get green bedroom décor right

Taking a cue from nature and the great outdoors, green bedrooms are doing the rounds on Instagram. Yes, in adding serenity to a bedroom in our hectic worlds, this calming colour is tipped to be big in 2024, providing of course, you get it right.

Check out how to decorate a bedroom to its optimum in this highly versatile colour.

Go darker in small bedrooms

If you’re decorating a smaller bedroom in green, opting for a statement-making darker shade of green will bring atmosphere and intrigue to the room. While pale tones typically make small spaces appear bigger, in a bedroom, darker forests greens and sages can enhance the intimacy of a bedroom, aiding a cosy and restful night’s sleep.

Bring out the botanicals

There’s nothing quite like creating a green oasis in a bedroom than by lush botanicals, and lots of them. Think plant-printed wallpaper and bold leafy bedding. Don’t scrimp on the real thing, as a bedroom with a green botanical theme, requires plenty of plant life, proven to help physical and mental wellbeing.

A bright green headboard

If you’re reluctant to go all-out on green, you might want to introduce brighter injections of the colour into a bedroom. And there is no better way to do this than by a bright green headboard. A headboard upholstered in bright green will be a standout feature in a bedroom, creating some wow factor without going green overboard.

Combine green with pink

As we move into the spring, pink should never be too far away, as a colour synonymous with the joyous vibe of spring. Pink goes incredibly well with green and should never be underestimated as a favourite décor combination, especially in a bedroom. Infuse baby pink tones with fresh greens for a calming bedroom that is in-keeping with the time of year.

Minty green for a touch of freshness

It is said that mint green represents ‘tranquillity, health and good luck,’ and is associated with ‘freshness and creativity.’ It is the ideal colour therefore to have in a bedroom. Create a cool and calm bedroom with mint green accents in your bedroom. From single walls painted in mint green, to mint green bedding, this pale and fresh tone will create a calming feel in a bedroom conducive with tranquillity and peace.

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