Why ‘grandmillennial’ is poised to be a big décor trend in 2021

‘Grandmillennial’ is a word you may or may not have heard of, depending on how much time you spend on Pinterest and Instagram perhaps? What is a modern twist on the popular ‘granny chic’ style, is making significant inroads in the world of interior design, and is poised to be one of the biggest décor trends of 2021.


So, what exactly is ‘grandmillennial’ and how can you achieve this decidedly trending style in your home?


As its name suggests, grandmillennial essentially fuses contemporary ‘millennial’ design with more traditional, vintage, or retro elements. It is centred on blending a modern interior with the likes of reclaimed furniture, timeless vintage pieces, and other classic hand-me-down features.


Think in terms of décor that breathes nostalgia and takes us back to our childhood staying at our much-loved grandparents’ homes. Heavy florals, for example, which evoke feelings of warmth, love and comfort, work well in this timeless design style. Combine such elements with a fundamentally contemporary design and you’ll have nailed the grandmillennial look perfectly.


Big doses of pattern and texture


The most successful of grandmillennial interiors are generous with pattern and texture. Be bold in introducing elements that resonate the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s, such as brown wood furniture adorned with plush floral cushions in an otherwise modern room or having a quaint and intricately-decorated tea-set that has been handed down through generations on display.


Experiment with patterned upholstery


To achieve a grandmillennial look, you simply can’t get enough of pattern, which is paramount to this type of décor. Upholstery festooned in pattern is making a big resurgence in the trendiest of living spaces, which doesn’t hold back in the embellishment stakes, with ruffles, pleats and fringes making eye-catching additions.


Floral wallpaper set asides richly stained wood in the likes of cherry and walnut brings a sense of history to a room.


Avoid going overboard with the old by forgetting about the new


It can be easy to get carried away in creating an interior that takes us back to our childhood.  Grandmillennial is all about fusing the old with the new, so don’t lose sight of modern features. Abstract art, minimalist spaces, and metallic accents shouldn’t be far away, to modernise the overall look.


It’s also important not to create a space that feels too cluttered or fussy. Instead prioritise working on a look that is more timeless and consistent rather than chaotic.

Above all, have fun when designing your new ultra-trendy living space, because, after all, fun and playfulness is what grandmillennial chic is all about.

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