Wall panelling ideas for a home fit for 2022

Wall panelling has long been a popular way to cover up undesirable décor and create a more aesthetically pleasing interior.

Though what was once reserved to period homes is making its way into all types of homes – from modern apartments to rustic cottages.

If you’re thinking about jumping on the wall panelling trend this year, check out the following ideas to make the most of this well-established décor feature.

Dado rail height panelling

Tall, lofty panelling that reaches high up a wall isn’t always everyone’s idea of a stylish addition to a room.

Making the panelling shorter by limiting it to a third of the way up a wall, or even less, and finishing it with a chunky dado rail, can create a more balanced and contemporary look.

Sustainable wall panelling

If you have aspirations to make your home more sustainable and eco-friendlier, then why not opt for wall panelling made from recycled materials?

Recycled wooden tiles adorned onto a wall will spruce up any room and give you peace of mind that your interior design project comes with sustainable credentials.

Create a focal point in the room

Whether it’s a living room or bedroom, home office or dining room, wall panelling can be used more sparingly to create a focal point in a room. Rather than covering the whole of the room in wall panelling, limit it to just a section. A corner of a living room, for example, could be defined by wall panelling to create a cosy reading space or for watching television.

Be bold with colour

Wall panelling doesn’t have to be confined to ‘safe’ colours, such as greys, whites, blues, and beiges. While sticking to a neutral shade can create a sophisticated and timeless look, being bold with shades of reds, purples and even pinks, will inject the wow factor into your room and ensure the panelling stands out.

Floor to ceiling panelling

Covering the whole of a wall in panelling from top to bottom crafts a sense of opulence and can be especially in-keeping with period properties.

For a dramatic and almost gothic look, opt for oak floor to ceiling panels – guaranteed to bring an aura of taste and class to your home.

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