Top tips for decorating with indoor plants

The spring is well and truly here, and there’s no better time than to scatter your home with indoor plants. Living greenery cheers up a property no end. However, merely stuffing rooms with random plants, won’t suffice, and there is something of an art of displaying indoor greenery.

Here’s how to get it right.

Don’t scrimp on plants

When it comes to decorating with house plants, don’t feel like you should hold back. On the contrary, an abundance of greenery in every room will create an immersive feel. Really go to town to craft an enduring botanical theme in your home.

Curate a wall display

Why just shove plants onto window ledges when you can create an inspiring wall display? That’s right, select an appropriate wall, and set about drilling a series of shelves at different levels onto the wall. Now for the fun part. Choose a variety of plants and position them on the shelves to create a truly eye-catching feature in a dining room, living room, hallway, or whenever needs some creative greenery magic.

Have an indoor tree as a focal point

Create a focal point in a living room, or any room for that matter, with a flourishing indoor tree. Make a statement with an attractive citrus, fig, or banana tree. The vertical elongation of the tree will also draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of greater space.

Use pants in the bedroom

Indoor plants work well in bedrooms, helping create a space of relaxation and recuperation. Embrace a biophilic design by positioning plants around your bed. Not only will the greenery look great, but they will help purify the room by eliminating toxins.

And don’t forget the bathroom

Being an inherently wet and humid room, indoor plants simply flourish in bathrooms. Go to town with plants of all shapes and sizes to create a truly spa-like feel to a bathroom.

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