Too hot to sleep? Decor tips for a goodnight’s sleep

As the British summer continues to bake under record-breaking temperatures, getting a good night’s sleep on such warm nights can be challenging. If you’re tossing and turning during the night and finding it difficult to sleep, a few amendments to the décor in your bedroom could work wonders in aiding a more restful night’s sleep.

Take a look at the following six simple décor tips for a good night’s sleep when it’s hot outside.

1- Change the bedding
The down or feather quilt that helps keep you warm in the winter should be replaced with a lighter, low tog quilt in the summer. Synthetic materials tend to trap heat, making us sweat more and feel hotter. By contrast, cotton is a much more cooling material, particularly high-quality fibre such as Egyptian Cotton.
Sheets should be changed regularly, preferably every week, to promote a good night’s sleep despite the uncomfortably hot temperatures.

2- Think about the colour scheme in your bedroom
The palette of your bedroom should not be overlooked as the tones that surround us can affect how we sleep. Cool, muted colours such as blues, greys, sages, whites and ivories craft a more restful, calming environment. Brighter tones such as bold pinks, reds and oranges might look snazzy and creative, but they are not conducive with a good night’s sleep.

3- Bring out the nautical in you
Seascapes and summer go hand-in-hand, so why not lift the feel and mood of your bedroom by decorating it in a nautical theme? Create a colour scheme that comprises of bright white and coastal blue tones, accessorised with nautical-themed artwork and postcards of the seaside. This idyllic summer landscape will craft a favourable environment for you to enjoy a great night’s sleep all summer long.

4- Put netting round an open window
It goes without saying, opening the window at night will allow the air to circulate in your bedroom, a welcoming respite during a hot, sticky night. If you’re worried about midges and other unwanted guests getting in the room, place some netting round the window so the air still filters into the bedroom, but the insects are kept out.

5- Introduce some calming fragrance into the room
The right fragrances can be soothing and calming, encouraging rest and deep sleep. Lavender is known for its restful properties, so don’t be afraid to spray lavender air freshener into the room at bedtime or light a lavender candle.

6- Make your bedroom clutter-free
Clutter piled high in a bedroom that’s been gathering throughout the winter, will do little to help you sleep well at night. The simple task of clearing surfaces, rolling up heavy rugs, replacing winter curtains with lighter window dressings and decluttering floorspace, will create a feeling of greater spaciousness and calm, perfect for a good night’s sleep when it’s hot outside.

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