The biggest bedroom decor mistakes to avoid

Out of all the rooms in our homes, the bedroom is the one we spend the most time in. It is important that we get bedroom décor right to help aid a restful night’s sleep and make us feel happy and contented. Despite the importance of getting the furnishings and decoration right in our most lived in rooms, bedroom décor blunders continue to rear their head.

Take a look at the following biggest bedroom décor mistakes to avoid.

  • Leaving the walls bare

Simplicity and minimalism might have its place but, in a bedroom, too bare an interior can run the risk of looking bland, sterile and cold.

Add some warmth, personality and cheer into your bedroom by placing colourful artwork on the walls. Get creative and personal with the artwork you hang in your bedroom with personalised typography or photographs to bring a sense of family unity in your private living space.

  • Making your bedroom palette too gaudy and overpowering

It can be tempting to go overboard with the colour and style of our bedrooms, after all we are the only people who typically see our private rooms. However, too bright and gaudy bedrooms can be too intense and overpowering, so try sticking to lighter neutral tones and calm natural colours to create a more serene and inviting living space.

  • Failing to put away clutter

Hordes of clutter in a bedroom is not conducive with a peaceful space designed to a good night’s sleep. It might sound obvious but taking the time and making the effort to put clothes, makeup, books and other items away, will help your bedroom look and feel at its best.

  • Choosing furniture that is too bulky for the bedroom

It’s nice to sleep in a king-size bed but if you haven’t got the space in your bedroom, oversized furniture can look painfully out of place. Instead, choose the likes of beds, dressing tables and wardrobes that are properly scaled to the size of your bedroom, so it looks in harmony with the size of the room and maximises the living space.

  • Neglecting the look of your bed

The bed is undoubtedly the focal point of our bedrooms and you may be surprised at just how much a well-dressed and tidy bed can improve the look of your bedroom. Failing to make a bed and treat it to some new stylish bedding everyone now and then won’t do the inviting environment of your bedroom any favours.

Amrit Lattimore

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