Six top tricks to maximise a small patio

Some sunshine at last! Now we have officially reached spring and the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, it’s time to get our patios ready for some seriously summer wining, dining, and socialising. If your patio is on the small side, then fear not, as New ID Living brings you six top tricks to make your much-loved exterior space appear bigger.

Patterned tiles

Tiles adorned with layouts such as chevron and herringbone can go a long way in lengthening narrow and small spaces. Patterned tiles also look fantastic in a patio area, ensuring it stands out while making it appear bigger.

Add some nature

Don’t be afraid to bring elements of nature to your patio. From potted plants to fruit trees and climbers up the wall, greenery will help create the illusion of greater space whilst creating an oasis made for lifting the spirits and improving wellbeing.

Mix up texture

Being playful with texture is an effective way to make a cramped space appear bigger, including patios. Think wicker furniture, plush throws, plump cushions, and outdoors rugs, to create a texture-rich statement in your patio this spring and summer.

Hang mirrors on the walls

Like with interior spaces, mirrors hung on patio walls will bounce the light around, create reflections and generally make the space feel and look bigger. Mirrors that are specifically designed for outdoor use are available to buy and come in all sizes and styles.

Decorate your patio with natural colours

Like interior spaces, the choice of colour scheme will go a long way in making an impression on a patio. Opting for lighter shares of pale greys, white, and beiges call make a patio feel bigger. These neutral tones will also help reflect the sunshine into the area, instead of absorbing it as darker shades do.

Keep a patio simple and uncluttered

It might sound obvious, but keeping a patio simple and uncluttered will make the area more spacious. Other than the furniture, a mirror or two on the wall, some greenery and some stylish accessories to bring texture to the space, keep your patio void of artefacts, so it is geared towards some serious use this spring and summer.

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