Planning a dream kitchen extension? Check out these five tips

Being the hub of the home, a working space for preparing and eating meals, as well as socialising and having fun, we all dream of a bigger, brighter, and more stylish kitchen. If you’ve got ambitious plans for upsizing a kitchen, check out the following five tips when planning a dream kitchen extension.

Make a detailed budget

The average cost of a kitchen extension was, in 2019, £30,000. Naturally, the cost of the extension is dependent on the size and complexity of the building work. Before embarking on such an ambitious project, it is important that you work out all the costs, including materials and tradespeople. Smaller, less significant costs can tend to go overlooked, such as taps and plastering, so it’s important to consider all the costs so that there are no hidden surprises halfway through the extension.

Add period character

Kitchen extensions provide the perfect opportunity to bring period character to your home. Think about adding period features such as chunky beams to bring character and charm to your extended kitchen.

Think hard about lighting

A kitchen is a working space and requires ample lighting to make it as safe and appealing as possible. Natural lighting is the best option is a kitchen, backed up by layered lighting such as spotlights to ensure the space is always well-lit.

From installing skylights and Velux windows, to hanging chandeliers above the worktops, think hard about the lighting in your kitchen extension and putting the spotlight on the spaces that matter the most.

Introduce bi-folding doors

If your kitchen extension is all about creating more space, bi-folding doors will maximise the space in your extension whilst crafting a contemporary, stylish look. In the summer, bi-folding doors will mean you can virtually extend your kitchen into your garden by folding the doors back, creating an even greater sense of space.

Consider working with a designer

Project managing a kitchen extension is time consuming. It also requires a degree of experience and knowledge. To ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams that ticks all the boxes you crave in terms of style, size, and functionality, you should consider working with an interior designer.

A designer will advise on the best layout, finishing touches, materials, and all the other important decisions and choices to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

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