Ideas for creating a snug family living room for the winter

The winter is coming and with-it cosy nights in snuggling up to watch films and play games next to the fire. In the colder, darker season, we inevitably spend more time indoors, with the living room becoming a hive of family activity.

Make this important space in the home as relaxing and inviting as it can be with the following ideas for creating a snug family living room for the winter.

Create different ‘zones’ in the room

Creating specific areas or ‘zones’ in a living room can be a great way to optimise the space. For example, if you have little ones, corner off one part of the room as a play area, dedicated to toys and playing.

Teenagers in the house could benefit from having their own space in a living room, such as a corner comprising of plump cushions or beanbags for watching films, playing on the X-Box, or listening to music.

If anyone works or studies from home, dedicate an area to being a workstation with a desk and chair that are out of the way of any distractions.

Your living room fit for cosy winter living should boast a central entertainment hub, for family socialising, relaxation, and fun.

Set up sofa bed

Large comfy sofas are paramount to a cosy living room, enabling the whole family to snuggle up when it’s cold outside.

Sofa beds can be a great addition to a living room, providing a large comfortable sofa with the bonus of doubling up as a bed to bring that extra touch of cosiness and comfort for those dark winter nights stuck indoors.

Add a gallery wall

Living rooms fit for the winter should not scrimp on detail. Avoid making the room minimalist and instead bring plenty of pattern, texture, and colour to the space, including the creation of a gallery wall.

Gallery walls comprising of funky artwork, personalised family photos, paintings, and more, add style and character to a living room, while creating a strong focal point that provides the perfect distraction during the wet, cold weather.

Minimise clutter with a wall storage

Of course, spending so much time indoors can lead to mess and clutter being spread around the home, and none more so than in a well-used living room.

Make clutter a thing of the past by dedicating a wall to hanging baskets and containers on for storage. Not only will the wall look funky and stylish, but it will be ultra-practical too.

Don’t scrimp on fabrics!

Finally, winter is all about going overboard with fabric. Don’t hold back in adorned your living room with texture in the guise of rugs, throws, cushions and whatever bright and bold fabric takes your fancy.

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