How to make an outdoor space cosy for the autumn

We might have had a fabulous ‘Indian summer,’ but sadly the hot temperatures and sunshine won’t last forever. The good news is that with a little imagination and design know-how, you can keep enjoying outdoor spaces even when the late summer gives way to autumn and the colder weather commences.

Here’s how to make an outdoor space cosy for the autumn.

Stoke up the fire pit

Fire pits have been growing in popularity in recent years. Not only do they look great, but they are an extremely effective and efficient way to bring heat to an outdoor space. They are also a fun way to cook and provide a place to toast marshmallows on those cool autumn evenings.

Roll out the rugs

Rugs need not be confined to interior spaces. On the contrary, outdoor rugs should be used to the maximum, creating a warm and cosy look and feel to exterior spaces. Faux sheepskins are a popular choice of outdoor rug. Just remember to roll them up and put them away when you’re not using them, so they don’t get wet in the rain and damaged.

Cosy furnishings

Alongside rugs, adorn your outdoor space with plenty of warm and cosy furnishings to keep you all warm when the temperature plummets. From oversized throws to plump cushions, scatter plenty of warm fabric over your outdoor furniture to make the most of your exterior living spaces long into the autumn and even winter. Like outdoor rugs, make sure you put all furnishings away when you are not using them.

Set up a lighting scheme

A well-lit garden looks significantly more inviting than one with no lighting, meaning you will be more inclined to spend time in it as the nights draw in. Solar lights are a great choice of lighting for outdoor spaces, being sustainable, robust and in-keeping with an exterior décor. Light up pathways and even flowerbeds for an atmospheric look all year round.

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