How to decorate with glass bricks: A ‘must have’ design trend for 2024

Who can remember showers, shelving, even partition walling made from glass bricks? If you’re old enough to remember the ‘80s you might, as glass brick was a design favourite of the era. Well now, they’re back, and forecast to be a ‘must have’ design trend for 2024.
Have a look at how this funky 80s-revival décor trend can be incorporated into your home.
Glass bricks are essentially used in places where there needs to be light. In a shower enclosure, for example, they are a popular choice, providing a water-proof way of enabling daylight to flood into the shower. They are also used as wall dividers. In offices, glass blocks can be a good option, bringing natural daylight to inherently dark workspaces.
They can also be used as a trendy skylight to let light into a space below. If, for example, a hallway is on the dark side, installing a skylight made from glass blocks above can be an effective way to create more light, while looking super funky.
Exterior glass bricks
Glass brick features do not need to be confined to indoor spaces. They work well in gardens, on patios and in other exterior spaces too. Defining a patio area with a glass brick barrier can enhance the beauty of natural features, such as stone walling and wooden decking.
Bringing a bar to life
Bars, another 1980s’ design favourite, are also coming back, big style, so why not combine these two trendy design features? Glass blocks can be the perfect way to build a bar. Simply add some mortar and you can build with glass bricks like you would do with conventional bricks. For a truly standout bar, install some coloured lighting behind the bar so it shines through the glass bricks. How delightedly 1980s!
As a splashback in a kitchen
Glass bricks can look fabulous in a kitchen that is centred on a modern, minimalist, or industrial design. A single or double row of glass blocks behind a worktop will look ultra-modern and funky. Being easy to clean, they are highly practical in a kitchen too.
Used as an ornament
Asides building with glass bricks, they also make great, and practical ornaments. A hollow glass block provides the perfect piggy bank to collect pennies. It can even be personalised with a name adorned on the front or saving goal, creating a funky little feature on a shelf or mantelpiece.

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