How to decorate alcoves for maximum impact

Quirky architectural features can look fabulous in a home, bringing character and uniqueness to every room. If your property is blessed with interesting nooks and alcoves, make the most of them with the following design tips.

Set up a reading nook

If the alcove is large enough to house a chair, pouf or even a couple of large cushions, why not turn it into a reading nook? A quite little corner away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house can be the perfect place to wade into a new book.

Turn an alcove into a bookshelf

Or why not transform an alcove into a place to store books? Bookshelves make great features in any home, and with rooms that already feature built-in alcoves, the job is half done. Simply put shelving up in the recess and, to create a real statement piece, paint the shelves with a dark, polished paint, like emerald green or navy blue.

Going a couple of shades darker than the rest of the room will ensure the alcove stands out and becomes more of a feature.

Turn alcoves into built-in cupboards

If the storage is limited in a room, turning alcoves into built-in storage can be the ideal way to create additional storage, especially in bedrooms where ample storage is required and yet is often on the sparse side.

Make the alcove an entertainment area

If the alcove is sufficiently deep, why not optimise its usage by turning it into an entertainment hub? Natural resets in a room can be the perfect place to add a television, the Wi-Fi hub, PCs, and more.

Placing these must-have items conveniently into a recess in the wall, will free-up space in the rest of the room, making it appear bigger and more spacious.

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