Freshen up your kitchen this spring with these five simple steps

Are you getting bored of the look of your kitchen? Want to change it but don’t have the budget for a new one? The good news is that kitchens can be significantly altered and improved without too much money or effort.

Take a look at how to freshen up your kitchen this spring in five simple steps

Introduce a kitchen garden

A kitchen windowsill can be the perfect place to put plants and grow aromatic herbs, particularly if it’s exposed to sunshine. There is nothing quite like the scent of freshly growing thyme, coriander and other fresh herbs to bring the feeling of spring into your home.

Paint the floor

Depending on the material of your kitchen floor, you may be able to give it a paint to improve the overall look. Don’t be afraid to experience with a bright and daring colour, after all, if it doesn’t look quite right, you can always paint over it.

Place a new rug on your kitchen floor

There is nothing quite like a brightly coloured new rug to brighten up a kitchen and embrace the colourfulness and positivity of spring. Once you have painted the flooring in the kitchen, lay a new rug across it, to really create a new look in this well-used space.

Replace the splashback

Another quick and easy way to inject new life into a kitchen is to replace the splashback. No matter how hard you scrub at these popular features in a kitchen, they can tend to maintain a tired and dirty look. Have fun picking some new tiles to replace an existing splashback. Again, don’t be afraid to really going to town by opting for some eye-catching and colourful mosaics above the kitchen worktops.

Mount baskets on the wall

If your kitchen is sparse of storage space, one trendy way to overcome the problem is to mount baskets on the wall. Not only will it make a quirky and fashionable feature in the kitchen, but it will also free up surfaces and create a tidier and clutter-free look.


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