Flooring ideas for a home office

If you’re among the 1.54 million people who work from home in the UK, having a welcoming, practical and stylish home office will no doubt be a priority.

You might have the furniture in your workspace spot on, alongside the colour scheme and décor, but is the flooring in your home-based study up to scratch?

If you’re thinking about upgrading the flooring in your home office, take a look at the following flooring ideas to create an inspiring yet functionable place to work within the home.

Engineered wood and laminate

Engineered wood and laminate are popular choice of flooring in a home office, for several reasons. Not only does this style of flooring look stylish and modern but it requires minimal cleaning, is robust and doesn’t retain static from electrical equipment.

Engineered wood and laminate are also a robust style of flooring that will stand the test of time of high volume of traffic if you have regular business meetings. This hard type of flooring is also practical for office chairs set on castors.


Carpets are a little less ‘formal’ than other types of flooring, but they undoubtedly create a homely, cosy vibe, which can be particularly welcoming on those cold, wet days of winter.

For a more practical home office carpet, especially if clients and colleagues will be visiting the office for meetings, opt for durable, short-pile types of carpets rather than long-pile ones. Short-pile carpets are less likely to become worn and can be cleaned of spilt coffee more easily.


Vinyl is traditionally used more frequently in bathrooms and kitchens but shouldn’t be written off in home offices for a number of reasons. Not only is vinyl a cost-effective type of flooring, but it is waterproof (think tea and coffee spillages), is easy to clean and is available in a diverse range of styles, which can provide a classy look for your home workspace.

When thinking about the type of flooring you want for your home office, think about the space you are trying to create. If it’s a funky, contemporary and inspiring workspace, you might want to opt for a laminate floor with a trendy carpet. Or if the office is designed to be more tranquil and solitary, a cosy carpet might be the best option.


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