Five ways to maximise the appeal of your bedroom on a minimal budget

Altering the look, feel and functionality of your bedroom need not cost the earth. On the contrary, our bedrooms can be reinvented as chic and practical rooms without putting a dent in our wallets.

If you’re intent on giving your bedroom a stylish makeover this summer but don’t have a large budget to play with, here’s five ways to maximise the appeal of your bedroom without spending too much money.

1 – Create a splash of colour with fresh flowers

For a relatively low cost you can brighten up your room in an instant by placing vases of fresh flowers around the room. Put flowers on chest of drawers and in front of mirrors to create bright and emboldening reflections.

Choose flowers that enhance the style and colour scheme of your bedroom. For example, opt for the pastel delicateness of sweet peas if your bedroom boasts a pastel-hued palette. Or, if your room is decorated in a bolder style, opt for vibrant flowers such as roses or poppies to bring the bedroom to life.

2 – Treat your bed to new duvet covers

The bed is, naturally, the main focal point of a bedroom and one that should be dressed up stylishly to craft a chic and sophisticated style. Simply making your bed with new sheets and duvet cover is a cost-effective way to instantly transform your bedroom.

Choose bed linen that epitomises the optimism of the summer season, with floral patterns and soft hues to bring a touch of summer to the bedroom.

Rather than stopping at sheets and duvet covers make your bed stand out to the maximum by placing colourful cushions, pillows and throes on top of the duvet.

3 – Revamp your headboard

Creating eye-catching focal points will help inject personality and transform the whole look and style of your bedroom. If your headboard is lacklustre and inconspicuous, reinvent it by covering it in a striking fabric or painting it in a vibrant colour.

4 – Go vintage

Vintage interiors and summer go together and bring a touch of romance to a bedroom. Another cost-effective way to transform your bedroom is to create an old-fashioned vintage look by upcycling items, renovated existing furniture in a shabby chic style and covering chairs with antique, country-style fabrics.

5 – Embrace the beauty of fabric

In fact, when it comes to giving a bedroom a facelift on a budget, you should embrace the beauty of fabric. Drape beautifully-designed fabric over the ceiling above the bed, draped over bedside tables, or hung around window frames, to turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat that has barely cost you anything.

Above all, when redesigning your bedroom, have fun, don’t hold back and really unleash your creative spirit.

Amrit Lattimore

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