Five ways simple ways to make a lasting impression in your hallway

Whether you’re planning on selling your home sometime soon, or simply want to maximise its appeal, an impressive vestibule is important.

The good news is that creating an entranceway with the wow factor need not require a hefty budget and serious disruption. With a few savvy interior design tricks and tips, you can create a great first impression and be guaranteed to generate some praiseworthy comments from all who visit your home.

Take a look at the following five ways simple ways to make a lasting impression in your hallway.


  • Decorate with plants

Plants never fail to brighten up an interior and none more so than in the living room. Arranging one or two plants in the hallway doesn’t require a large budget and is an easy way to create a lasting and green impression on visitors.


  • Hang up art displays

There’s nothing quite like artwork to create an eye-catching look in vestibules. Set colourful pieces of artwork against more subdued walls to craft a striking contrast in your hallway.


  • Install hardwood flooring

If your carpets or flooring is a little on the shabby side, one fairy easy way to inject new life into an entranceway is to change the flooring.


Installing stylish, sleek and polished hardwood will go a long way to bring some ’wow’ factor into your hallway. From antique oak to engineering wood, solid bamboo to engineered antique white, hardwood flooring is available in a range of colours and styles, meaning finding one to suit your home should not be difficult.


  • Create a seating area

If your hallway has enough space, you might want to think about creating a seating area to bring some additional visual interest to the space and craft a functional living and socialising area. A couple of stylish chairs and a sleek table will help bring your vestibule to life.


  • Give your hallway a repaint

There’s nothing quite like changing the colour of a living area to create a new look in any space, including a hallway. If you’re determined to make the space stand out more, opt for colourful tones and patterns that won’t fail to impress your visitors.

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