Five unmissable home office design trends for 2020

With more and more people working from home than ever before, the design and functionality of home offices have never been so important. If you’re getting used to working from the convenient confines of your home and are wanting to improve the look, style and practicalities of your home office, check out the following five unmissable home office design trends for 2020.

A minimalist design

Minimalism might come and go in the world of interior design but it’s never too far away. With a growing impetus for functional and stylish home office design this year, minimalism has come back a vengeance.

This sparse, clean and modern look that’s void of clutter, fussiness and prioritises space, is both timeless and failproof. Furthermore, a minimalist home office will be free of distractions, meaning you can work at your most productive.

Cool, muted colours

It can be tempting to deck a home office out with a bright and funky colour scheme to create the wow factor and define the space from the rest of the house. However, gaudy colours in a space designed for work and concentration can be off-putting and too distracting. Instead, opt for cool, muted colours like white, beiges and light greys, to create an area geared up for focus and concentration.

Plenty of practical storage

A desk covered with papers, stationery, files and more, is not conducive with organisation and productivity. Deck your home office out with plenty of neat and stylish storage options, such as open shelving and desk drawers, so you can keep the office space tidy and well organised.

Let there be lighting

The benefits of natural lighting in offices have long been established and documented. While natural light is the best form of lighting to enhance wellbeing, productivity and concentration, if your office is sparse of natural light compensate by adding plenty of layered lighting to the room in the form of desk lamps and recessed spotlights.

Stylish office chair

Inject the wow factor into your home office through a funky, super-stylish and ultra-comfortable office chair. If you’re opting for a cool, muted colour scheme and a minimalist design, introducing a bright and striking office chair adorned in a funky colour such as bright yellow or orange, can be the perfect solution for bringing a touch of wild creativity into your home office.

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