Five outdoor decor mistakes to avoid

The outdoor spaces of our homes can be sacred sanctuaries where we enjoy the long warm evenings of the summer and relax with a little bit of nature to comfort us. So many people make simple mistakes with their decorations though and don’t make the most of their gardens and patios. Here are five of the most common outdoor décor mistakes to avoid.


  • Leaving your walls or fences untouched


There is so much you can do with your walls and fences rather than leave them completely bare. Use a trellis to hang potted plants or introduce some climbing vines. Even stringing up some pretty fairy lights is better than a bare wall. Some walls give you the opportunity to get even more creative by hanging art or other decorative items such as old plates or even mirrors.


  • Buying uncomfortable furniture


There is a lot of garden furniture that looks just fine but isn’t actually very comfortable to relax in. A good tip is to seek furniture that you would be happy to use indoors as well. Furniture that allows for the placement of cushions is also good, so think of the likes of wicker chairs or Adirondack chairs with extra cushions for extra comfort. Throws here and there are also useful for nice evenings when the temperatures do start to drop a little later on.


  • Allowing clutter


Gardens, yards and patios tend to gather clutter, especially if there isn’t enough space for a shed to store all the gardening items in or the children’s toys. Clutter infringes on the ability to relax, so do try to find some clever storage solutions for any items you need to keep outside. Multi-use furniture such as a bench that doubles as a storage trunk is one of your best bets.


  • Intrusive lighting


Security lights are useful but you don’t want one beaming down on you while you’re trying to relax outside, so ensure any you install can be switched off at will. You want a warm glow once the sun has gone down, so seek out lighting options that can provide this. Candles, hanging lanterns or non-flashing fairy lights can really make your outdoor space special.


  • Not planning ahead


Always plan ahead in terms of what you would like your garden to look like next spring, summer and autumn. Plants and flowers can add a lovely flavour to any outdoor space but do ensure you have planted the right types to bloom and flower at the right time.

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