Five design tips for a stylish and practical ensuite bathroom

Once considered a room of luxury, ensuite bathrooms have evolved to be a common feature in homes of different sizes and styles.

Part of the rising prevalence of ensuite bathrooms is because they have a number of benefits to property, including adding value to a home, reducing the rush to use the family bathroom, and creating incredible practicality and convenience.

If your home has not yet got an ensuite bathroom and you are thinking about adding one to reap the many benefits of having a bathroom attached to a bedroom, take a look at the following design tips for a stylish and practical ensuite bathroom.

Consider where an ensuite bathroom will work best in a room

Before installing an ensuite bathroom, carefully consider where the bathroom will work best in a room. Visualise how much space you will be willing to lose from an existing room. Think about where the bathroom will work best to avoid impacting the sleeping area, or getting in the way of cupboards and wardrobes.

Think about where the pipework will be best being fitted. Having the ensuite next to an outside wall can often be the most convenient place when it comes to laying pipework and getting a water supply to the space.

Make it streamlined

Ensuite bathrooms are typically scarcer on space than family bathrooms, as they are essentially located in an existing room. With less space to play with, you might want to opt for streamlined units, including the toilet, basin, shower and, if you have the room, bath,

If you are scarce on space, you might want to instal a toilet and sink combination. Not only do such units help maximise space, but they give an ensuite a sleek and contemporary feel.

Think about installing a wet room

Wet rooms typically feature a simple shower screen opposed to a fitted shower unit. This type of ensuite can work particularly well in rooms that have an awkward space, such as tricky angles, and a sloped roof, typical of a loft conversion ensuite.

As well as being a practical space-saver, wet rooms can also look stylish, modern, and trendy.

Go doorless!

Open up the space in your bedroom by avoiding using a door into your ensuite bathroom. Instead, use a doorless frame to create the sense of continuity between the two spaces. For privacy, place a screen in the doorway, or some fabric.

Continuity can be enhanced further when the same colours and patterns run between both spaces, creating the sense of permeance and connection.

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