Easy ways to add texture to your home

Hailed as an essential interior design trait of the year, 2020 is all about adding texture to your home. Introducing texture into living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and other living spaces, is an effective and affordable way to bring visual interest and appeal to your property.

From rolling out rugs to playing with pattern, take a look at the following five ways to add texture to your home in 2020.


  • Transform a room with a rug

There’s nothing quite like a stylish rug to create a cosy focal point in a room. Be bold with your choice of rug by opting for a vibrantly coloured rug or one with tassels and fringing. Don’t be afraid to use more than one rug in the room of a different colour or pattern to create even more textural intrigue in the room.


  • Be playful with pattern

Experiment and be playful with pattern in your home to bring a textural element to different rooms.

When experimenting with pattern, you should aim to use at least three patterns in a room that complement one another. Florals will create a feminine vibe, while animal prints will invoke a more electric, glamorous look.


  • Replace dull curtains with eye-catching alternatives

There’s nothing quite like bright, striking curtains to bring the wow factor to any room. Replacing mundane curtains that barely get noticed with a more patterned, colourful alternative to bring an eye-catching feature in any room.


  • Texture the ceiling and walls

Make the most of every surface in a room by texturing the walls and ceiling with a textured paint or wallpaper.


  • Bring in natural materials

Implementing natural materials into your décor will instantly add depth. Combine the likes of stone, leather and timber with synthetic and processed materials to add texture and aesthetical appeal to your home.

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