Decorating Tips to Get Your House Spring-Ready

March is here and spring has sprung meaning one thing only – it’s time to inject some new life into your property so it’s ready for the socialising seasons of spring and summer.

Take a look at the following simple decorating tips to get your house spring-ready.

Accessorise with brightly-coloured accessories and large mirrors

With more daylight filtering into the rooms, make the most of the increasingly light evenings and mornings by hanging large mirrors on the walls to bounce the light around.

Now’s also the time to get bold with colour, patterns and textures by introducing brightly-coloured accessories such as vibrant rugs and striking artwork into bedrooms and reception rooms.

Highlight key features with flowers

Introducing freshly-cut flowers into the home is a must during the springtime, creating a real sense of bringing the beauty of the season indoors.

Highlight notable features around the home such as tables, windowsills, desks and more, by placing a vase of fragrant freshly-cut spring flowers in key areas to make them stand out and play centre stage.

Paint kitchen cabinets

Rather than ripping out the old kitchen and replacing it with a new one, inject some new life into your kitchen so it’s ready for spring and summer-time socialising by painting the cabinets in a new vibrant colour.

Put up floral wallpaper

If you really want to go to town in your springtime home refurb project, putting beautiful floral wallpaper on the walls will add some seasonal zest into the home.

Modern floral wallpaper comes in all colours and patterns, so finding some to complement the look and style of your home won’t be difficult.

Make a statement ceiling

Making statements with paint are on-trend this year and none more so than during the spring when homes are crying out to be brought to life with colour.

Bring some vivacity to your home by transforming a room with a statement ceiling. Resonate the blueness of the sky by painting the ceiling in a stylish tone of blue or bring some additional sunshine into your bedroom by painting the ceiling in a sunny shade of yellow.

Upgrade cushions and curtains

If your cushions and curtains are still in ‘winter’ mode, being made from heavy materials in dark shades, early spring is the perfect time to spruce up your interior for the summer by replacing cushions and curtains with more spring-centric alternatives of light, breezy colours and patterns.

You might want to think about replacing heavy curtains with blinds to create a more minimalist style to your home and to let the maximum amount of light pour through the windows.

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