Having a garden party? How to turn your exterior space into an oasis for socialising

The weather might be up to much, but summer is almost upon us, meaning one thing, it’s garden party season. If you’re looking for some inspiration on creating a garden fit for a summer party, check out our following tips on how to turn your exterior space into an oasis for socialising.

Have a fire pit

Fire pits have become a must-have feature at garden parties. Not only do fire pits create a focal point, but they are also incredibly practical given how chilly the weather has been this spring.

Create defined areas

Designate different areas of your outdoor space for different activities, such as dining, lounging about, and conversation. You can use outdoor furniture to define the different areas. Always ensure that there is a sufficient number of seats for guests.

Outdoor lighting

Create a warm and inviting ambience, while ensuring your garden party can continue into the night, by adding some outdoor lighting. The best thing about outdoor lighting is that it comes in an almost infinitive choice. From string lights to lanterns and fairy lights, have fun selecting outdoor lighting to light up your garden party.

Add some greenery

Use plants and flowers to bring colour and greenery to your exterior space. Add hanging baskets, potted plants, and garden beds to create some wow factor in your garden and leave guests thoroughly impressed.

Water features

There is nothing quite like the sound of trickly water to provide comfort and relaxation while masking any unwanted noise from the neighbours. Ahead of the party, set about installing a water feature like a foundation, pond, or even a small waterfall. It might be a fairly big job but it will be well worth it.

Install a canopy or pergola

Unfortunately, in Britain, you never quite know when the heavens will open, regardless of the time of year. With rain constantly a threat, it might be a sensible idea to install a canopy or pergola ahead of your garden party. As well as offering shelter from the rain, these retractable features also provide shade, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy some sunshine at your gathering. They also come in a myriad of styles and designs, providing a stylish feature to any outdoor setting.

Add a bar or outdoor kitchen

Go a step further still by adding an outdoor kitchen or bar to your garden space. Not only will it make the cooking and serving of drinks considerably easier, but it will transform your exterior space into a super stylish entertainment hub.

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