How to create a country-chic Cotswold cottage look in any home

Did you know, the Cotswolds is the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in England? As well as miles of rolling hills and unspoilt countryside, it the picturesque villages made up of pretty cottages and idyllic gardens, that make this area so appealing.

The good news is that with some design know-how and creativity, you can replicate an authentic Cotswolds cottage look in virtually any home.

Here’s how.

Rustic flooring

Flooring in this desirable corner of England is all about the distressed and the rustic. Wooden flooring is the obvious choice in cottage-chic interiors, adorned by a lush rug for extra style and comfort. Distressed oak often finds its way into Cotswolds’ homes, as does Tudor Sandstone tiles, for a truly rustic yet desirable look.

Retain original features

Cotswolds homes are renowned for their original features, whether it’s old rustic beams, or open fireplaces. To recreate this look, search for old features that might be hidden in your property and, if you find any, show them off to the maximum. If you own a newer home, you may want to mimic older features by placing the like of chunky wooden beams on ceilings, or having a woodburning stove installed in a fireplace.

Pile on the texture

Texture is a leading feature in Cotswolds cottage design. Emulate the cosy, inviting look by draping hordes of texture in your home. Think soft furnishings, rugs, blankets, throws and plenty of cushions to create a living space fit for the Cotswolds.

Purchase Cotswolds artwork

The Cotswolds is well-known for inspiring artists, and you won’t find it difficult to find some stunning and unique art that’s been created in this idyllic part of English countryside. If equestrian art tickles your fancy, Cheltenham in famed for its horse-inspired artwork.

Create a Cotswolds garden

When walking through a Cotswolds village, the gardens stand out almost as much as the pretty houses. When replicating this cottage-chic look, pay attention to your garden. Plants should work in harmony with one another, to bring a sense of serenity and peace. White roses, lavender and peonies work especially well in this type of garden. Ensure there is a place to sit, relax and soak up the idyllic setting.

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