Five ways to update your conservatory on a budget

With the warm, sunny weather the UK has basked in this summer, many of us will have spent a lot of time in our conservatories and garden rooms, making the most of the long days and flourishing gardens. If you’re wanting to update your conservatory’s interior but don’t have a large budget or hordes of time, take a look at the following ways to give your conservatory a facelift on a budget.

1- Bring the outdoors indoors

Help your conservatory look at its best by seamlessly blending your garden with this liveable space by bringing plants into the room. Being made of glass, the sunny environment of a conservatory is the perfect place for interior plants to thrive, providing they get enough water.
Create an inviting and colourful plant-packed look by placing several shrubs around the room and perhaps a climber growing up one of the conservatory walls. However, be careful not to overload the space with plants so they overcrowd the furniture.

2- Wake the space up with white

There’s something timeless, classical and sophisticated about a conservatory dominated by white. White-painted exposed brickwork can look elegant and stylish in a conservatory, as can white-painted furniture. If the wallpaper in your garden room is a little dated, get a quality paint and paint over it in white. A dazzling white interior will also help lighten up the room when the gloomier weather of winter inevitably arrives.

3- Introduce more fabrics for a cosier living space

Craft a cosier, homelier feel in your conservatory by being generous with fabrics. Adorn any rattan or wicker furniture with plump, comfy cushions. Drape a soft, cosy throw over the sofa or armchair and make the flooring warmer and softer to walk on by placing a quality rug on the floorboards.

4- Brighten up the windows

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to brighten up your conservatory is to give the windows a thorough clean, inside and outside. Once the glass is sparkling, really bring the windows to life with some glamorous new blinds, some elegant curtains, or by painting the windowsills in a bold colour that really stands out.

5- Create a focal point with a colourful dining setting

With hordes of light and fabulous views overlooking the garden, conservatories are the perfect place for memorable family dining. If your conservatory doesn’t yet have a place for those special family occasions, now’s the time to create one. A full-sized dining table adorned with a colourful tablecloth and all the trimmings is ideal.

Though if space is sparse in your conservatory, a small coffee table or even a crate that has been creatively reinvented as a table, will generate a welcoming focal point to wine, dine and socialise in your much-loved conservatory.

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