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Home Offices

Home Offices have been a hot topic for some time now in interior design circles. COVID forced many of us to stay away from our offices and work from home

Whilst life has steadily been returning to normal, it has become apparent than many people have either remained working from home or at least are working remotely for part of the week

The benefits of working from home and the improved work life balance of ditching the regular commute are obvious but it is vital that a home working space is not only functional but also blends in the rest of your home. Our design team are actively designing in work from home space as a core function of most interiors.

Work from home space as a core function of most interiors.

Home working features into modern homes

A dedicated home office is simply not an option for most families, especially with the increased popularity of open plan living over the past few years, so our designers are constantly working up different ways of incorporating home working features into modern homes. Whether it is a shared space such as reception area with a subtle workstation, a secondary bedroom that doubles as a workspace in the daytime or sometimes even an interesting recess or awkward corner can provide the opportunity to design in a feature that is fast becoming a must have for many households.

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