What is ‘cottagecore’ and why is it trending?

If you are a keen follower of the latest interior design fads and trends, then no doubt you have seen the ‘cottagecore’ hashtag doing the rounds on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

If you want to learn more about this on-trend décor style, then read on and learn what exactly cottage core is, why is it trending, and how you can mimic this style in your home.

What is cottagecore?

Also referred to as ‘countrycore’ and ‘farmcore’, cottagecore is centred on the notion of simple, rural living that embraces forests, flowers, gardens, wildlife, local food, and artisans.

In a nutshell, the cottagecore style welcomes anything associated with nature, while avoiding everything associated with technology and digitalisation.

The word itself derives from the prefix ‘cottage’, exuding a country, traditional-style home, and the word ‘core’, which relates to the 1980s’ hardcore punk music scene

Why is cottagecore trending?

The cottagecore term and style rose to prominence in 2017, when it started doing the rounds on Tumbler and Instagram. During the Covid pandemic lockdowns when people sought be free from the shackles of monetary drive and turned to find fulfilment in more natural surroundings, the cottagecore style really took off. It has remained popular ever since.

One reason for its ongoing popularity is pinned on the fact it counters our reliance and even addiction to technology and being constantly connected digitally.

By embracing the natural, outdoor world that is free of smartphones, PCs, Siri, laptops, smart TVs and more, the cottagecore scene strikes a chord with anyone wanting to reconnect with nature and reap the benefits of being immersed in a natural, technology-free environment.

How can you mimic the cottagecore style in your home?

It is important to have fun whilst decorating your home in a cottagecore style while placing an emphasis on traditional, cosy charm.

Bring out the wallpaper

When it comes to cottagecore, wallpaper is back, big time! Think vintage wallpaper, especially with a floral or nature-inspired theme. Think bright, bold colours and, if your wallpapering skills aren’t up to scratch, cover walls with whimsical prints to put your room in the cottagecore direction.

Adorn rooms with soft furnishings

With cottagecore, you simply cannot get enough soft furnishings! Swap minimalist blinds for long curtains draped over window frames. Throw soft cosy throws over settees, armchairs and beds, for a warm, cosy vibe. Warm up wooden floors with inviting rugs, and place thick quilts on beds and sofas – the perfect décor as the nights start to draw in and the freshness of autumn gets closer.

Go overboard with flowers and plants

Having plants and flowers in the home brings numerous benefits to the health. These cost-effective accessories are the perfect way to bring the cottagecore aesthetic to your home. Think freshly-cut flowers in vases in every room, and don’t be afraid to go a step further by placing indoor plants in the likes of bathrooms and conservatories, for a true cottagecore look.

Place ingredients on display

The kitchen it the perfect place to really go to town with the cottagecore look. Put produce and ingredients like apples – the gnarlier the better – herbs, spices and more, on display in open shelving, fruit bowls and on worktops, to bring nature indoors and create an inspiring cottagecore look.

Remove technology

Finally, if you are serious about fully embracing cottagecore, remove any tech from your home, including Wi-Fi hubs, for a nature-inspiring, digital-detox environment.




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