What colour kitchens are trending in 2022?

It’s a new year, a new start, a new kitchen maybe? If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen this year, whether it’s in your own home, a property you rent out, or even commercial premises, you’ll want to get the colour right to ensure what is arguably the most important room in a home exudes style and class.

So what colours are considered must haves for kitchens this year?

Check out the following kitchen colours that re trending in 2022.


Metallic kitchens are poised to be all the rage this year, with Google reporting a 90% rise in searches for brass furnishings and lighting.

From copper taps to bronze splashbacks, metallic finishings come in a host of options, including copper, titanium, bronze, aluminium and more.

Metallic finishes should be infused with warm textures, such as rustic reds, farmhouse oaks or burnt orange to craft a cosy, homely look and feel that’s perfect for the cold winter months.

Rich blues and forest greens

Rich blues and forest greens are poised to be among the most popular kitchen colours of 2022. These earthy tones which ooze sustainability and being at-one with nature, create feelings of calm and positivity – perfect for a kitchen fit for 21st century living.

Shades of brown

Brown is back, especially in the kitchen, where caramels, chocolate browns and beiges will create a rich, elegant and timeless space.

Combine earthy browns with bolder shades like bright yellows to craft a lively, fun and energetic kitchen that’s right on trend.

Terracotta rouge

Another trending colour for kitchens this year is the super chic ‘terracotta rouge’. This browny red tone evokes a calm, reassuring statement. The colour also takes on a different statement depending on the time of day and even the season – vibrant and fresh in the morning and in the summer months, and rich and cosy in the evenings and in winter.


Lilac might not be a traditional kitchen colour but it’s one that is making headway in 2022. This elegant and subtle shade of violet crafts an alluring look that can be blended stylishly with a number of other tones, such as greys and whites, for a dramatic and on-trend kitchen that’s fit for 2022.

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