What are the best colours to decorate a dark room?

Dimly-lit rooms are a common occurrence in homes of all styles and designs. The good news is that with a little creativity and design acumen, a room can be made considerably lighter without having to install costly new windows or skylights.
The colour scheme of a room has a significant impact on the overall lighting. Here are the best colours to decorate a room with that has limited light.
The warm tone of lavender makes it a great choice of colour for adding brightness to a dark room. Pair delicate lavender with other pretty pastels for a bright and airy feel. Or for a more sophisticated look, couple lavender with whites and greys. Either way, lavender is a great choice of colour for a room with limited natural daylight.
Powder blue
Powder blue also works well in a space starved of light. Couple this pretty shade of blue with white accents and bring a darker room to life.
Pink might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly brings personality and brightness to a room that is on the dark side. If you want to make a statement, opt for bolder pinks like fuchsia, or stick to pastel shades of pinks for a more subdued, subtle look.
Your initial reaction might be that teal is a dark colour, so how could it possibly make a room appear brighter? On the contrary, darker tones like teal absorb shadows and can therefore be beneficial to a living space that is lacking natural daylight. Accompany teal walls with elegant mirrors to bounce the light around and create an elegant look.
Chocolate brown
By the same token, chocolate brown can be a fabulous choice of colour for light-starved rooms. Couple chocolate brown walls with warmer shades like beiges and creams, alongside deep reds and forest greens, for a really cosy yet trendy look.
Sunny yellow
Yellow is a fabulous option of colour to recreate the feeling of greater light. Sunny yellow works particularly well in bedrooms and bathrooms that don’t have much natural daylight. Pair yellows with white accents to bring even greater cheeriness into a room.

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