Ways to improve natural daylight in your home

huge selling point. Homes with plenty of natural light are also much nicer to live in, being brighter and more welcoming, while making spaces feel bigger.

If your home is on the dark side and you yearn for more natural light, the good news is there are ways to improve the lighting without having to instal new windows.

Glass cabinetry

Making glass a feature on cabinets in the kitchen and even in other spaces like living rooms, will help break up the monotony of solid features and furniture and maximise the flow of light in darker areas. Glass inserts will also create the feeling of more space and bounce natural daylight around.

Install more mirrors

One well tried and tested way to increase natural daylight is to use more mirrors. Mirrors create a greater sense of space and, when well placed, will help direct natural light into darker spaces, such a stairways and hallways.

Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes will have a similar effect, so opt for metallic surfaces on the likes of fridges and other appliances and features for a mirroring effect.

White paint

Painting walls and furniture white is an effective way to maximise light in a room. Brighter interior paints and wallpapers will make the most of natural light. Combine whites with warmers tones to avoid making rooms feel too ‘sterile’ or ‘clinical.’

Give your windows a clean

It might sound obvious, but simply removing any gunk and debris from windows will increase the natural light that comes into a room.

Use skylights

To really optimise the amount of daylight filling a room, you may want to think about installing skylights. Installing a skylight in the roof will bring significantly more daylight into a room and can be a fabulous feature in both traditional style homes and more modern properties.

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