Unlocking the potential of your kitchen: Creative ideas for utilising dead space

As the heart of every home, the kitchen serves not only as a place for meal preparation, but also a hub for family interaction, a workstation, and for socialising. However, finding ways to fully utilise every corner and dead space can be a challenge, especially in a small kitchen. From creating extra surfaces to free-standing coffee stations, there are innovative ways to turn every square inch of your kitchen into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Here are some creative ways to utilise dead space in your kitchen.

Shelving: Turning dead space into storage

Floating shelves are a versatile solution for odd corners or gaps. With the ability to be customised to specific sizes by a skilled kitchen fitter or joiner, they can squeeze into various spaces, providing extra storage.

Creating an extra surface: The ‘drop zone’

Every bustling kitchen needs a ‘drop zone’ – a place to conveniently drop off keys, letters, or other items. Instead of allowing this clutter to dominate your worktops, why not carve out a dedicated space for it? An empty section of wall, if the layout permits, can serve as a compact work surface for this purpose.

Spice Racks: Make use of tall units

Fitting a spice rack onto the side of tall units, such as built-in fridge-freezers, is another smart way to make use of every available inch in your kitchen. You can also attach utensil hooks, magnetic knife racks, or a kitchen roll holder.

Wine racks: A perfect fit for narrow spaces

Do you have a small gap between units or a narrow space against a wall? A wine rack could be the perfect solution. Traditionally slim, wine racks can fit into almost any space and don’t necessarily have to hold wine.

A free-standing coffee station

An unused corner can be transformed into a free-standing coffee station or a drinks station for evening service. This not only provides functionality but could also become a unique talking point of the room.

Add a backsplash shelf

Another often discarded space in a kitchen are backsplashes that border worktops. Utilise this area to the maximum by placing a shelf or organiser there to provide a convenient home for bottles of oil olive, salt, pepper and other essential ingredients the cook of the house needs at their disposal.

Tablet or recipe book holder

Instead of having recipe books or tablets with recipes lying around the kitchen, get organised and utilise dead space on counters or walls by installing a holder for these vital kitchen items. Not only will they look great, but having a place to conveniently read recipes will most certainly be welcome by the cook.



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