Top tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger

Bathrooms don’t have to be large and spacious to be appealing and functional. On the contrary, small bathrooms can look and feel luxurious. Though if you feel your bathroom is too cramped and awkward, a few simple design tricks might be all you need to create significantly more space.

Install a pedestal sink

If your small bathroom is home to a vanity cabinet, you may want to trade it for a smaller, more delicate pedestal sink.

With storage underneath, vanity cabinets tend to bulky and take up too much room in bathrooms with limited space. Replacing the cabinet with a pedestal sink will help make your bathroom feel more open and spacious, as you’ll have more floor space underneath the sink.

Replacing the storage space by installing a cabinet or shelving on the wall above the sink will mean you don’t lose out of vital bathroom storage, but you are not taking up equally important floor space.

Opt for light coloured flooring

Dark flooring won’t do your quest to create a larger looking bathroom any favours. Opting for light flooring shades of pale greys, beiges, whites and creams, will help open up the flooring, enable light to bounce around and make the space appear more spacious.

If replacing the flooring isn’t feasible in your bathroom, opt for the quicker and less expensive option of laying a light-coloured rug across the flooring.

Use plenty of mirrors

When it comes to small bathrooms, you simply can’t get enough mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light, pick up colours and patterns and make spaces appear to be bigger than they are.

Combine head and shoulders mirrors with full-length ones to really make the most of the light in your bathroom and create the illusion of more space.

Remove unnecessary accessories

Clutter is not conducive with room and space and in a bathroom of a small size, all clutter should be eliminated.

Instead of having three or four towels out, just have one. Rather than having multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel lined up on the side of the bath or shower, just have the absolute essentials.

Place whatever accessories you don’t need out of sight to remove the clutter and, quite literally, create more space.

Raise the ceiling

Raising the height of the ceiling in a bathroom will give you greater space overhead, generating a more spacious feeling room.

With a higher ceiling, you’ll also have more space to install furnishings like shelving and mirrors.

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