Top six décor tips when trying to sell a home

Selling a property isn’t easy and does not happen overnight. The good news is that with some simple décor know-how and a bit of effort, you can make your home significantly more sellable.

Take a look at the following top décor tips when trying to sell a home.

Don’t scrimp on the linen spray

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh linen to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Linen spray is available in a whole host of fragrances. Simply choose one you like the most, and, prior to a viewing, give bedding, sofas, and all fabric in your home a generous spray to create the fresh and lived experience.

Restock the fruit bowl

You might be surprised at how much the small touches and detail can have an impact on any potential buyers. Pack a fruit bowl with fresh and colourful fruit and place it in the middle of the table to bring colour, life and vivacity to a kitchen or dining room.

Open all blinds and curtains to the maximum

Another obvious but often overlooked tip is to open all blinds and curtains in your home to the maximum. There is nothing quite like daylight pouring through the windows to ensure a property looks and feels at its best to prospective buyers. By the same token, remove all clutter from windowsills to generate optimum light and minimal fuss. If it’s summertime, open all windows to get a gentle breeze running through your home.

Weed driveways, gardens and paths

First impressions are as important on the outside as they are on the inside. Ridding all external areas of weeds, leaves and other debris will go a long way in ensuring the garden and all outside areas look as attractive and well-kept as possible. Pay particular attention to driveways and paths that can often be neglected when it comes to weeding.

Flowers, plants and candles

As mentioned earlier, the detail can make a big difference when selling a home. Prior to the viewing, don’t hold back in placing vases of flowers around the home, indoor plants and fragrant candles to make every room as attractive and appealing as possible.

Keep the bathrooms free of products

Like kitchens, bathrooms are big sellers in a home. No matter what size or style your bathroom is, present it at its most favourable by keeping it clear of all products except candles, attractive bath oils and hand soaps. It might sound obvious but make sure the toilet seat is down before any viewings take place.

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