Top home office trends for 2023

The rise in popularity of homeworking shows no sign of slowing down as we move through the new year. A quality space to work is conducive with a productive day’s work. If you work from home or are planning to start and want to design an inspiring home office, take a look at the top home office trends for 2023.

Biophilic elements

Interiors inspired by nature with a biophilic design look set to be big as we move into the spring. Multiple studies show that in workspaces, being close to greenery, florals, and natural materials, can have a direct impact on wellbeing and productivity.

As well as placing plenty of plants and flowers in your home office, opt for furniture that is made from natural materials, like rattan or wood. Additionally, try and get as much daylight in the workspace, and position your desk so that you have a view of the outdoors.


Avoid making your home office too sparse. Adorn it with plenty of accessories to give it that homely feel. Think organic shapes and handcrafted accessories to inject some personality into the room, and help make you feel settled in the space you are going to spend a lot of time in.

Statement wallpaper

The popularity of bold and bright wallpaper of the 1970 and ‘80s is back this year. Give your home office a nostalgic boost by adding some pattered wallpaper alongside a comfortable chair and some well-styled accessories.

Upcycled furniture

2023 is all about sustainability and upcycling, and none more so that in the home office. Make your workspace an upcycling hub with iconic mid-century desks and repurposed shelving. Not only will having upcycled items in your home office craft a trendy look, but it will also help your bank balance too.

Think vertical

Whether you live in a spacious country home or a small apartment, using the vertical space above  your desk can work wonders for visual balance and function. Place shelving on the wall above the desk and even paint the ceiling in some bright colour to make the most of the space above you and create an inspiring place to work.

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