Tips for designing an energy efficient kitchen

With energy prices continuing to climb, finding ways to make our homes more energy efficient is become ever-more important. And none more so than in the kitchen, which is known for its high energy usage.

If you’re thinking about revamping an existing kitchen or completely redesigning it, now is the perfect time to make the most well-used room in the house less energy-draining.

Here’s how.

Opt for energy efficient appliances

When purchasing a new washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, or any other kitchen appliance, always choose an A-rated one. These are designed to be the most efficient of products and will use less energy, so are not only kinder on the environment, but are less expensive to run. More information about energy rating can be found here.

Let there be light

Rather than having to resort to turning lights on, make sure your kitchen has maximum natural daylight. It could require large changes such as installing a skylight in the ceiling, or more minor adjustments like decluttering windowsills, or painting cabinets white to reflect more light.

It also goes without saying, all lights in a kitchen should be equipped with energy efficient LED bulbs.

Recycle your old kitchen!

If you’re completely ripping out your old kitchen, instead of putting it in a skip and sending it to a landfill, why not recycle it? If it’s still in good condition, you could donate it or sell it. There are companies that specialise in collecting old kitchens to recycle. Or why not just recycle elements of it? From handles on the cupboards to revitalising old shelves, you could have fun recycling parts of a kitchen while saving plenty of money and helping the environment.

Use eco-friendly paint

If you need to do any painting in your new kitchen, ensure you use eco-friendly paint. With significantly fewer of no VOCs and using naturally sourced ingredients, environmentally friendly paint is much kinder to the environment.

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