The pros and cons of a wet room

Wet rooms, in which a shower is open, and water drains through an outlet set into the floor, are becoming an increasingly fashionable feature in modern homes, providing a convenient, space-saving bathroom whilst adding value to a property. These stylish and practical bathrooms come with a number of advantages, as well as several disadvantages.

If you’re thinking about having a wet room installed in your home, take a look at the pros and cons of these walk-in shower rooms.

Wet room pros

Space saving benefits

If you’re wanting to install a shower in an area with limited space, a wet room can be the perfect solution as no cubicle is required and thereby even the tightest of spaces can be utilised as a shower.

Lower costs

Again, without any shower cubicle or tray required only a shower head, wet rooms can be significantly cheaper to install that conventional shower rooms.

More accessible

One of the biggest advantages of wet rooms is that without any barriers, they are an effective way for individuals with mobility issues who may have difficulty getting in or out of the shower or bath, to access the shower.

An elegant, contemporary design

Wet rooms are a chic feature of modern homes and provide an elegant and stylish touch to any property. Given their fashionable credibility, wet rooms can give the value of a property a welcome boost.

Easy to clean

Without any glass, trays and cubicles to clean, wet rooms are incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean. It’s simply a case of mopping the tiles with a cleaning detergent.

Wet room cons

The whole room becomes wet

One potential downside to wet rooms is that the whole room becomes wet when the shower is on, meaning towels, flannels, toilet paper and other items become damp. However, with an accurate design that means the water drains away on a slope, or by strategically placing a screen in area, it is possible to ensure part of the room remains dry when the shower is on.

The room can become humid

With all that hot water and steam, wet rooms can be humid places. When designing a wet room, it is important to have sufficient ventilation in the room to prevent it from becoming too humid and running the risk of rot and decay setting in.

Having a window or a vent in the room will help ensure the moisture is evaporated from this modern form of bathroom.

Get the design of your wet room right and this space and cost-saving bathroom can be an invaluable addition to your home.

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