The magic of monochrome: Why black and white interiors never go out of style

Sophisticated and sleek, stylish monochrome never seems to date. From tiles to wallpaper, black and white is as on-trend today as it was last year, the year before, and the year before that. If you’re thinking about updating a living space in a monochrome finish, here’s why good old black and white interiors never go out of style and get reinvented time and time again.

Creating the wow factor!

Bold, eye-catching and never dull, monochrome interiors are guaranteed to create the wow factor. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bathroom or hallway you are wanting to dress in black and white, this choice of colour scheme will never fail to create an impact.

Timeless appeal

The beauty of monochrome interiors is that they really don’t go out of fashion. With timeless appeal, black and white interiors won’t need updating the next year because they are considered dated. On the contrary, monochrome flooring, walls, and other features, will stay as cool and funky tomorrow as they were yesterday.

Soothing for the soul

Certain colour schemes are known for their psychologic affects, and nurturing positivity and wellbeing. And none more so than monochrome. Black and white interiors are synonymous with helping to improve focus and concentration, while creating a sense of unity and cohesion.

Provides a sense of minimalism

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of monochrome interiors is the sense of minimalism they provide. Providing a clean and uncluttered backdrop means other interesting features in a room are highlighted, while creating a simple and harmonious living space.

A bold impression

Another reason behind the prolonged appeal of monochrome is the bold and lasting impression it creates, without having to rely on gaudy or conspicuous colours that will almost certainly be an interior ‘faux pas’ in a year’s time.

Add other colours to a monochrome space

Another great element of decorating in monochrome is the fact that other colours can be added without running the risk of the colour scheme clashing. A single contrasting colour like red, blue, yellow or even pink, can be a fantastic addition to a black and white colour scheme, bringing additional strikingness to any room.

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