Survey reveals most desirable kitchen trends among homeowners

A survey revealing the most desired kitchen trends among homeowners in the UK shows an increasing interest in both smart technology and sleek design. The poll, which was conducted by the appliance manufacturer Beko, shines a light on the dream kitchen elements for numerous Brits.

In the study, approximately 2,000 adults were asked about their ideal kitchens, and the features they would include if budget was not a consideration.

Tech gadgets emerged as a favourite, with 56% of the polled adults expressing admiration for other people’s innovative appliances and smart technology. These include energy-efficient, self-cleaning ovens, smart air fryers, and instant hot water taps. Additionally, smart fridges equipped with features like ice dispensers and internal cameras linked to phone apps caught the interest of many, proving their worth when checking supply levels while shopping.

When it comes to what consumers are seeking in their kitchen gadgets, functionality and ease of use topped the list at 35%, closely followed by quality at 34%, and energy efficiency at 23%.

Design was another key factor. Nearly 40% of participants expressed a desire for a sleek, modern design with cohesive decor in their kitchen.

The study highlighted the top ten kitchen elements people envy in others’ homes, including sleek and modern designs, American-style fridge freezers, ice/water-dispensing fridges, high-tech easy-to-clean surfaces, and smart air fryers, among others.

The findings show that consumers are seeking more from their kitchens, expecting these spaces to deliver improved performance and efficiency, easier maintenance, and help in easing everyday tasks.

The survey also found that around two-thirds of respondents feel their current kitchens aren’t meeting expectations. 51% expressed a desire for more updated, innovative technology, while 44% showed a longing for a better kitchen overall, as opposed to just one appliance.

Beko’s spokesperson, Ragıp Balcıoglu, commented on the survey findings, stating: “The kitchen is often the heart of the home, providing a multi-functional space for families to dine, entertain, and relax…It’s been interesting to find Brits value high quality, functional technology and design in their homes, and are inspired by those around them, often seeking to improve their kitchens after viewing the homes of their peers.”

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