Selling your home? Four kitchen makeover tips to help attract buyers

It has long been agreed that when it comes to selling a home, the look of a kitchen is paramount to success. This is because kitchens are the heart of the home, the place where culinary delights are created, family meals are consumed, socialising takes place, and memories are made.

Being the most well-used room in a house, if you’re selling your home, it would be wise to give the kitchen a revamp.

Here’s four kitchen makeover tips to help attract buyers.

Replace the worktops

Have your worktops seen better days? Are they a tad ‘unglamorous’? Worktops are one of the most visible features in a kitchen and one of the most practical. Replacing outdated, lacklustre worktops with stylish alternatives, will inject new life into your kitchen. Depending on your budget, try not to be tempted by cheap worktops that look low-cost. Installing a quality worktop in a luxury material such as quartz, oak, or stone, will go a long way in creating a stand-out kitchen designed to impress potential viewers, and could be well worth the investment.

Give it a coat of paint

A new coat of paint on the walls, ceiling and even on cupboard doors, can go a long way in breathing new life into a kitchen and optimise its appeal to prospective buyers. When selling a property, it is wise to opt for neutral tones such as light grey, white and beiges, to appeal to a broader range of viewers.

Install new flooring

Don’t let the flooring let your kitchen down. Ripped lino, broken tiles, or shabby carpets won’t do your quest to sell your home any favours. New flooring, whether it’s a glamorous new vinyl, a wooden laminate, or slate tiles, can help transform the overall look of a kitchen and appeal to potential buyers.


It is easy for a kitchen to become overrun with clutter. What might be essential and personal items to you and your family, run the risk of making a kitchen appear messy and chaotic to viewers. Before any viewings take place, take the time to declutter your kitchen so it essentially creates a blank canvas for buyers to imagine themselves living in.

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