Rustic vogue: How to achieve this classy timeless look

2021 is all about trading sparse minimalism with increased liveability to heighten cosiness and comfort in our living spaces. One trend that’s been buzzing fervently in the world of interior design at the start of 2021, goes by the name of rustic vogue.

This homely rustic look infuses the old with the new, crafting interior spaces brimming with character and personality.

If you’re determined to forget about minimalism this year and treat your home to a rustic vogue makeover, check out the following ways to achieve this classy, homely and timeless look.

Embrace texture and warm colours

Forget about neutral tones of grey, beige, and off-white, all of which work well in interiors deliberately designed to be austere and conservative, and welcome warm tones of reds, chestnuts and oranges. Add splashes of vibrant colour to walls, ceilings, furniture, and flooring, to craft an ambiance brimming with character and life.

Texture should also be fully embraced. Think patterned wallpaper and sofas doused in plump cushions and luxury throws, to complement rich colours and an interior of exuberance.

Accentuate original features

To work on the traditional aspect of rustic vogue, put any original features in your home on the pedestal they deserve. Original wooden floorboards, for example, should be exposed instead of covered up. As should wooden beams on the ceiling or panelled walls.

Fireplaces should take centre stage, adorned with homely trinkets, and accompanied with a basket of freshly chopped wood to mimic that of a woodcutter’s idyllic cottage.

Favour natural and warm light

Lighting plays a vital role in the quest to achieve a specific style in the home, and none more so than with rustic vogue, which should ideally be lit up with natural and warm light.

If you have south-facing rooms, encourage the natural light to come filtering into the room by decluttering windowsills and exchanging bulky curtains with lighter alternatives.

Trade harsh overhead lighting with softer options such as cosy table lights with warm-coloured bulbs to cultivate a warm, cosy, and homely vibe in your living space.

Now sit back and snuggle up on the sofa with a mug of tea and enjoy immersing yourself in a home fit for love, laughter and making magical memories.

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