Rise of neoclassicism in interior design

We have started the new year embracing neoclassic designs. This timeless style is rooted in history and is brimming with visual excitement and appeal, centred on precision, symmetry, and scale.

Here is how to bring this stunning and ageless style into your home.

The main features of neoclassicism include emphasised vertical and horizontal lines, timeless artwork and furniture, classical architectural detail, such as high ceilings and Greek columns, geometric decorative elements alongside symmetrical layouts, large mirrors and windows to enable plenty of light to flood into a room, as well as spacious layouts with carefully-selected furniture.

Pair like with like

Tie interior features together by using finishing touches like wallpaper and headboards to complement the style of furniture and furnishings.

Window dressing

Neoclassic design emphases large windows and high ceilings via lavish window dressing. Think heavy drapes and long curtains to enhance the scale of neoclassic features. Floor-to-ceiling curtains work well, even if they crumple up on the floor. Opt for heavy materials, such as velvet, silk and linen, to craft a lavish frame over oversized windows.

Original colour palettes

Neoclassic interiors are focused on original colour palettes of soft and muted blues, greys, yellows and greens. These soft tones are accompanied by classic creams and whites.

Architectural detail

Neoclassicism embraces architectural features. Tall walls and columns complement the grandeur of this interior style, coupled with ornate flooring adorned with classic rugs to create the perfect neoclassic look.

Neoclassic detail

Neoclassicism isn’t without its detail and ornaments. Think plenty of mirrors, ornate vases, and Wedgewood China, to bring your neoclassic interior to life. Though avoid cluttering rooms with too much detail, as neoclassicism is broadly centred on space and items placed in an uncluttered arrangement.

Avoid going over the top

Remember, neoclassicism is lavish, but it isn’t fussy or over the top. Keep spaces sparse yet grand with large furnishings that exude a classic style. Match colour and mix textiles for a space with depth and character.

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