Maximalism: What is it, why is it trending and how to achieve it in your home

Maximalism is another phrase that’s doing the rounds on the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz. So, what exactly is maximalism and why is it making a huge impact in the world of interior design?

In a nutshell, maximalism is a vibrant style of interior, which fuses patterns, colour, flamboyance and excess. It is resonant of the ornateness of an English stately home, yet its contemporary accents and bold use of colour give it a modern edge.

In complete contrast to minimalism, maximalism means more of everything.

Some of the key elements of a maximalist style include:

  • Lashings of layers
  • Vibrant colours
  • Plenty of pattern, including abstract, animal prints and floral
  • Mixing and matching texture and colour
  • Introducing stand-out statement pieces
  • Blending styles such as traditional with contemporary, classic with electric
  • An abundance of items, including books, artwork and ornaments

Why is maximalism trending?

Maximalism offers a playful, bold, and striking alternative to minimalism. One reason for the escalating appeal of this flamboyant interior design style, is that there is growing boredom of the clean-lined, subdued aesthetic of minimalism, which has dominated the world of interior design for many years.

With its focus on more is more, maximalism appeals to those pining to create homely interiors that are rooted in the excess of bygone eras and evoke a bohemian vibe.

How to achieve a maximalist look

If you’re determined to weave maximalism into your interior, consider the following tips:

Surround yourself with the things you love

Forget empty shelves and bare walls! Maximalism is all about filling a room with items that bring joy and aesthetic appeal to the space. The more photos and artwork on the walls, the better. Fill shelves with books and trinkets that will bring life, nostalgia, and interest to the living space.

Strive for personalisation

Whilst minimalism is centred on perfection, maximalism is focused on personalisation. Introduce the colour, pattern, texture, and items that you love and have a personal connection to you and your family. Strive for comfort with a personal flare to create the ultimate homely space that is there to be enjoyed and lived in to the maximum.

Be generous with colour

With maximalism, you simply can’t get enough colour. Combine a moody dark wall with bright and bold accents. Contrast an emerald velvet sofa with bright orange armchairs. Bring navy blue walls to life with striking yellow artwork. The more colour and contrasts, the more successful your maximalism project will be.

Prioritise comfort

Minimalism is all about starkness, maximalism is all about comfort. Place oversized cushions of the sofa and chairs. Lay luxury shaggy rugs on the flooring. Place cosy poufs next to armchairs to create the perfect aura of luxury and comfort in your home.

Now sit back on your luxury sofa with super-sized cushions and enjoy an interior that’s made to feel like home.

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