Make a small conservatory appear bigger with these design tips

With the sun shining, the days getting longer and the climate milder, we’ve not got any excuse not to open those conservatory doors and start using these highly useful family spaces.

If your conservatory is on the small side, don’t let that stop you from making the most of the living space. With a little creativity and design savviness, you can make a small conservatory appear significantly bigger.

Be sparse with furniture

Small conservatories will look significantly smaller if they are overloaded with furniture and fittings. Create as much space as possible in your conservatory by being sparse with furniture. Avoid large items like sofas and cabinets and instead opt for small pieces like daintier armchairs and an elegant coffee table that can be moved around.

Let there be light

Being made from predominantly glass, conservatories are light by nature. Daylight should be encouraged to filter into the room, especially in a conservatory that has limited space. Avoid dark curtains, heavy blinds or too much clutter on the windowsills to capitalise on the daylight entering the room.

Opt for a lighter colour palette

For small conservatories, a lighter colour palette of whites, light greys, pastel tones, and beiges, will make the space appear less suffocated than heavier tones and darker colours.

Add window seats

If your conservatory has limited space and chairs take up too much room, equipping the room with window seating could be the perfect option. A small bay-shaped conservatory could be crying out for some intimate window seating that doesn’t take up too much space and provides the perfect place to sit in the sunshine and look out across the garden.

Make your conservatory gadget-free

Instead of cramming a TV, digital box, gaming devices and other gadgets into a conservatory that is sparse on space, make it a device-free zone.

Make the conservatory the family hub for activities that require little space, such as reading, writing, listening to music and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

Expose brick/stone walls

Rather than plastering the interior wall of your conservatory, leaving the stonework or brick exposed creates depth and the illusion of space, not to mention brings an incredibly stylish and chic ’industrial-style’ feature to the space.

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