Key master bedroom trends for 2020

Key master bedroom trends for 2020

Our bedrooms are one of the most versatile spaces in our homes. These private, quiet spaces can be personalised to our own personal taste, after all we’re the only ones who get to spend time in these intimate rooms.

That said, living spaces are never void of constantly evolving décor trends, with master bedrooms being no exception.

If you’ve got aspirations to inject some new life into your bedroom this year and want it to be a haven of the latest trends in interior design, check out the following key master bedroom trends for 2020.


Eco friendly décor

Interior spaces are becoming increasingly eco-friendly as we all become more conscious of our carbon footprints and our individual impact on the environment. Make your master bedroom a haven for eco-friendly design, with recycled accessories, by using paint with a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and by replacing traditional bulbs with LED lighting.


Implement an earthy colour scheme

2020 is all about creating spaces meant for de-stressing and relaxation, and none more so than in the master bedroom.

Earthy colour schemes doused in vibrant greens, blues and browns, should be used in a bedroom to craft a sense of peacefulness and being ‘at one’ with nature.


Bring out the wicker furniture

Wicker furniture may have been definite interior design no-no several years ago, but this type of furniture is making a comeback, particularly in bedrooms. From wicker storage baskets to wicker bedheads, wicker bedside tables to wicker vases, added some wicker to your master bedroom this year for a stylish, on-trend look.


Bring out the mint

Another ‘must have’ bedroom tone for 2020 is mint green. This fresh tone of green is evocative of nature and creates a welcoming and tranquil vibe. Subtly include this on-trend colour into your bedroom with mint green accessories, a mint green accent wall or mint green curtains and duvets.

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