How to make a new build homelier

New build properties are in hot demand. Figures show the price of the average new build has soared by 272% since the turn of the millennium.

Much of the demand for this type of property is owed to the home being a blank canvas, with fresh paintwork, tiling, bathrooms and kitchens. Buyers of new builds can simply unpack their belongings and begin enjoying their new home straight away.

Though for some, despite the many benefits, new builds lack a certain amount of character and homeliness.

That said, there are steps you can take to make a modern home significantly cosier.

Take a look at the following tips on how to make a new build property more homely.

Create multiple layers of lighting

New build property typically comes with modern lighting fixtures, such as built-in ceiling lights. While such lighting ‘does the job’, it can lack character and homeliness. This can be easily rectified with the addition of more lighting to create multiple layers and ambient illumination.

For example, simply adding a table lap in a bedroom or lounge will make things infinity cosier. The same effect can be achieved by adding pendant lights over a kitchen counter. Replace ‘white’ light bulbs with ones with a softer, warmer glow to create a more atmospheric look and feel in a new build.

Add a gallery wall

New builds are often adorned in neutral tones accompanied with minimal décor fuss. While this type of interior is in-keeping with a contemporary and minimalist style, it can lack a sense of homeliness. This can be overcome easily by adding a gallery wall to the likes of a lounge or a dining room.

Adorn a central wall in the house with an array of artwork, whether it’s unusual paintings, quirky statement pieces or personal photographs. Mix up the style, size and colour of the artwork to create a stand-out gallery wall which contrasts significantly with the unfussy and modern style of the rest of the house.

Invest in cosy curtains

New builds are often sold with little in terms of window dressing, or, at the very least, some basic blinds. There’s nothing quite like a plush set of curtains to keep out the evening chill and bring cosiness to a home.

Bring the outdoors in

Indoor plants will work wonders in bringing an unhomely new build to life. From snake plants to money trees, monsteras to philodendrons, there is a wide selection of resilient indoor plants available to place in conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or even bedrooms, to bring a homely touch to a new build property.


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