How to decorate with beige for maximum impact

Beige is back. Yes, grey is no longer the go-to colour in the trendiest of living spaces, as the tone that has dominated interior design for a years is being replaced by beige. Yes, beige is no longer considered boring and bland, and is instead a must-have colour for the season.

Providing you use it right.

Check out the following ways to decorate with beige for maximum impact.

Pair with florals

It might not be the most obvious choice, but beige can look fabulous when paired with floral pattens. Think beige curtains with floral patterns, or more subtle furnishings, like beige and flower-patterned cushions, lampshades, or throws, to create a calm yet ultra trendy space.

Complement with timber

Beige walls, flooring and accents are really highlighted when paired with natural timber. The natural tones of the likes of ash and oak are brought to life when accompanied by a space decorated in beige.

Lay a patterned rug on the floor

Bring a beige room to life by placing a brightly coloured, decorative rug in the centre of the floor. The colour and pattern will help balance the living space.

Combine with greens, blues and teal

The warm tones of beige look fabulous when used with shades of green, blue and, particularly, teal. This beautiful combination creates a well-balanced colour scheme in practically all living spaces.

Use some dark detail

To limit the risk of a beige room looking bland, create some contrast with dark detail and accents. Paint skirting boards in charcoal grey, or position black cushions on chairs and settees, to craft a fabulously dramatic and stylish look.

Bring out the artwork

Another easy and effective way to liven up a beige living space is by complementing the walls with some snazzy artwork. Position eye-catching fun paintings and photographs on the wall to bring some colour and fun to the room.

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